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pietroant asked: thank you so much for reblog these drawings! I'm fan of your work. You know that! ;)

Haha, no problem, Pietro. I love your work.

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noirmatic asked: wow, very nice to find you here! long time fan of your works on Deviantart. cheers man!!!!

Haha, nice and thanks.

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customlaptops asked: How do you start on the anatomy and the expressions of the people you draw? Also, how do you do landscapes?

I draw quick gestures, then refined them, and then use references when needed (rarely). Same with landscapes, I draw quick roughs, then refined them by plotting my vanishing points, and then use references when needed.

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Anonymous asked: Hi! Your art is absolutely brilliant! I was just wondering, what media do you use?

I ink most of my work traditionally and color on Photoshop using mainly the paint bucket and pencil tool.